Getting Your Ex Back With Text Messages

You recently broke on top of your partner so you are now overwhelmed with feelings and memories that cause you to feel heart broken. You know that you have to communicate with your Ex but cannot gather enough courage to buy the phone and call them. Furthermore, you cannot obtain the strength simply to walk up to their apartment and knock on their door. What do you do in order to get your Ex back without actually conversing with them directly or on phone? Well, text messages are the best way to start this situation.

Exactly why text messaging is far more effective is that it gives you a chance to prepare what you are going to text. You do not have to chat irrationally on the phone due to the overwhelming feelings. You have the time to plan a text as well as plan a response in case your ex replies to the message. Additionally, texting will not imply neediness. You do not wish to appear needy after a break-up. Furthermore, texting shows that there is not any pressure for your personal Ex to respond. However, you do not need to send the same message ten times since this will imply neediness.

When you are ready, you need to ensure that you have set the stage for your ex to responds to the texts. Usually do not send pointless messages like, hey or how have you been? You need to send messages who have a stimulating element. Avoid sending messages about your relationship. Your Ex does not want to recall the relationship after you have just broken up. Send positive messages which can be fun and interesting as this will help you regain the interest of your Ex and make them more receptive to other messages you send. When you have set the stage, try out these three forms of messages to see them work their magic.

Proper texts to send

Texts that have a shared memory: For instance, you are able to text your Ex about a favorite band that both of you like informing your boyfriend or girlfriend that they will stay in town in certain weeks and you are looking to going for their show. Such a text shows your Ex that you will be still thinking about them as well as the shared times you had together.

Question texts: Again, such texts should inform your boyfriend or girlfriend about a memory that you shared together. However, this time, you may tell your ex that you are going on an outing with a friend and ask your ex what route you used to get to a particular location. Besides showing your ex lover that you remember your shared memories, it would create some kind of covert jealousy as your Ex is not sure about the gender of the friend you are taking from what was both your favorite outing location.

Supportive text: Within this text, remind your Ex about a situation he or she went through and required your support. As an illustration, if she or he is almost sitting for an Exam you can text them and tell them to not be too stressed or worried and that everything will be fine. This shows your boyfriend or girlfriend that you are still supportive with their endeavors.

These are some of the positive ways found in getting your ex back with text messages. Remember that you need to make certain you have set the stage and that your Ex is receptive before you use texting to try to get back your ex.

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